Psychic Readings By Natalie

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Palm Reading $40 : A Palm Reading Is A Reading Of The lines, Marks And Indentations Of You're Palms This Is A More Personal Reading Usually Details Of The Past Present And Personality Traits. 

*Approx. Time 20 Mins.

Psychic Reading $60 : A Psychic Reading Is Based On Reading You're vibration and Energy As Well As Reading What Your Spirit Guides And Angels Want You To Know Through Clairvoyant Energy Tells Your Past Present And Future, Gives Advice And Answers All Questions From: Love And Relationships, Marriage, Business, Finances, Family, Friends, Pastlives And Much More. 
*Approx Time 30 Mins.

Tarot Card Reading $100 : Tells You About You're Past, Present And Future.Gives You Advice In Love, Marriage, Business, Health, Happiness And Pastlives. This Reading Is Very Detailed This Is Also A Better Reading If The Situation Involves Others Rather Than Just Yourself. 
*Approx. 45 Mins.

Total Chakra Balancing Of All Seven Main Chakras $1500 : 
This Includes The Balancing Of All The Seven Main Chakras : The Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root. Off Balance Energy Creates A Negative Environment Throughout Many Areas Of Your Life Which Include : Indecisiveness, Afraid Of Letting Go, Lack Of Personal Self Esteem, Relationship Issues, Confusion, Insecurities, Depression, Mood Swings, Anxiety, Chronic Frustration & Much More.
Having Balance In Ones Life Can Bring Positive Energy & Spiritual Enlightenment To Help You Start Living Your Life & Stop living A Life That You Feel Doesn't Belong To You.

I Also Provide And Specialize In Spiritual Cleansings/Healings, Removal Of Negative Energy And Balancings Of All Kinds. Prices Vary Call For More Info.

All Readings Can Be Done By Phone Or In Office There Is No Difference In Accuracy. All Readings Are Private And Confidential.

*All Times Are Approximate*